Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Results 7/21...

I know this is WAY late!  I was busy?  I don't get on the computer till late and I didn't type up the post because the pics were on my work computer and I've gone a year with every post having a photo and I won't stop now.

So, the bottom four were Mitchell, Ricky, Clarice and Jordan.

This year eliminations are so much harder, they really have great talent this year.  But sadly Mitchell and Clarice went home.  I think Clarice went home because she hasn't really done anything to "stand out".  But she is a wonderful dancer and we will hear from her again.  Mitchell is really good, but the other guys are just better.  We will hear from him again to (anyone think he reminds you of Chris Tucker).

I will try and be more on the ball with my SYTYCD recap.  I have to start blogging from home so I emailed the photos I need there, so no excuse.  Can't wait for tonight!!!!

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