Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who does this happen to?

Honestly! This morning has been interesting so far. I pull on to the street that Blake's daycare is on and I hear a very wet noise. Ugh! I think to myself, Blake must have spit up, alot. I pull into daycare and open up the back door expecting to find spit up everywhere. Nope. I have a beautiful smile on the most handsome baby out there. I see no spit up, must have been a nasty burp right? WRONG!!! I proceed to unbuckle Blake from the car seat. I notice that my hand is moist. WTF? Maybe he did spit up but managed to miss his bib? Weird. Then I notice that both his thighs are wet. Oh no! That's right! Blake had such a gross, disgusting, watery poop that it came out of his diaper and through his pants and on to the car seat cover. AWESOME. I pick him up and carry him into daycare with my arms completely extended like he is the stinkiest boy ever, because he is. The whole time, Blake is smiling and giggling. I walk into his room and the teachers just start laughing at me. And I say "Honestly, who does this happen to?". And the teachers just take him and say "No one that would handle it as good as you.". I could just laugh. It's not Blake's fault really. It is just random luck that we were in the car. So I help the teacher change him. I know what some of you are thinking. I pay them so I should just let them do it. But, I love his teachers. They are with him more waking hours during the week then I am. Besides, I'm not the mom that drops the kid of and leaves. So I help her take the nasty diaper off, i did let her clean him bottom and then helped her get the poopy clothes off. They were nice enough to ask me if I wanted to go get my car seat cover and they would through it in the washer machine with his clothes. THEY ARE AWESOME!
So, that is how my day began. I'm hoping that it gets much better. At least I found humor in it. Hope everyone else has a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. What a "crappy" start to the morning ;)
    Hope the day gets better, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. oh, ick!!!!
    i can't believe i managed to read the whole thing, lol!

  3. Oh, bless your heart! That's such a bad feeling when you realize it's all over the place!!! I probably would've done the same thing, though. I wouldn't want to leave my kid like that!

    Hope your day is looking up! :)