Thursday, November 11, 2010

I love Scentsy!

Have you ever heard of Scentsy? It is an alternative to candles and I LOVE THEM!!!! A friend of mine a few months ago was doing a basket party and brought the basket buy for me to check out. I checked out the catalog, found a warmer I liked and smelled ALL of the scents and picked a few of my favorites out. I've been hooked ever since.
This darling number is in my bedroom. I love it and it also works as a wonderful nightlight. This one is in my kids bathroom. The whole thing lights up. That is perfect for when a child needs to go potty in the middle of the night they don't have to be blinded by the big light.
I plan on ordering this little jem this weekend. It will look wonderful in my baby's room. The whole thing lights up and little beams of light shine through the holes. Best part....there is now a newborn nursery smells kind of like baby powder and that baby bed time lotion. HEAVENLY!
I also fancy this holiday collection. The plug in above would go great in the kids bathroom and the warmer below would go perfect on the table that I put my Halloween warmer last month.
Please check out the website. I promise no one would be disappointed by any purchases. They also have tons of scents. Here are a few of my favorite: newborn nursery, autumn sunset, rustic lodge, simply irresistible (smells like pleasures for men) and vanilla suede (kind of smells like vanilla and leather).
They work very well. They smell up a whole room quickly. Because they work with a light bulb and not a candle you can keep them on 24/7 if you wish. I am so glad I stumbled upon this product. Hope you find something you will love to. Anyone else ever used Scentsy?
I was in no way paid to do this post. I personally have used scentsy and love it like no ones business and thought I would share with my blog world.


  1. I love Scentsy too...although I don't have that much. My BFF is now a Scentsy consultant...which I have to say, she beat me to it! I would've signed up but we would probably sell to the same people. I'm still considering it...just got to see if I have the market for it! :)

  2. I love scentsy too, I just have one, but it is wonderful!

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