Monday, November 22, 2010

Being Strong

Today's topic, being strong. I'm not talking about the physical kind either. And clearly the picture above is NOT me, or I would have no use doing my Fat Tuesday posts anymore. I mean being strong minded and strong willed. Some time life happens, and it's not good. You are forced to deal with something you never thought you would have to. You suddenly become very aware that ALL eyes are on you. Everyone is waiting to see how you will handle it. Will you fall to pieces, or will you be strong? But people have very different meanings of the word strong. I personally feel that just because you are a "strong" person, doesn't mean you have to do things alone. I don't thinking anyone can actually get through anything on their own. Even if you just need to call someone and just have them listen. That means they don't tell you their opinion or agree with you just to make you happy. Some time you just need to get it out (of your own head). And that is ok. Just because, God forbid, you shed a tear, doesn't make you means you have a heart. I don't really have a point to this post and it is not directly at anyone in my life either. Just something I've been thinking about. I have been graced with some wonderful friends and family around me. I don't have to go through anything alone. And I by no means think of myself as a weak person. I have the "friends" that I can call and no matter what I say (eg. "the sky is purple") they will agree with me. Those are friends I rarely call. I know I'm not right all the time, I'm ok with that. Sometimes I am so caught up with the way I see things I need someone else to point out the other side. I have been known to react to things while I am hot headed and not cool down before responding. I'm trying to work on that. 9 times out of 10, I regret the way I acted when acting on impulse. Photos found here
Now that I got that total randomness out of the way, check out my guest post on Beauty Sale Shoppers Blog. Hope everyone enjoys their week.