Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving-Topic Part 2

Family Traditions. We all have them. We have always celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom. But a few years ago we started additional Thanksgiving traditions. We all get together at my moms, my little family, my aunts family and my cousins. It's always the same. The guys chill outside and the ladies are inside. My mom always makes the most amazing dinner that I probably eat all year long. Honestly, the stuffing and sweet potatoes are to die for. My mom's sweet potatoes can easily be mistaken for pie, they are so good. When dinner is done we do a bonfire in the backyard and sit around and chill. We all stay the night! It's so much fun. Last year was the first year us ladies lost our minds and went shopping on Black Friday. Shopping when you are 8 months pregnant with crazy people was NOT pleasant. Many are lucky I don't carry a gun, just saying. I know all the deals are amazing...but no reason to act like a psycho.

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  1. I'm glad you like my dinner so much. I have to admit that i think it is pretty awesome. i just sucks that I cook for 2 days and then it only takes 30 minutes to eat. it's worth it. We should have that meal earlier in the year also.