Friday, November 5, 2010


So the other day I felt as if I was having a "blog block" if you will. Couldn't really come up with anything good. So I made a post on my face book. A shout out if you will, to my friends for possible blog topics. It was sad...out of 86 people, 2 responded....awesome. So, I do love these two people and their ideas so I will blog about them. Please feel free to give me ideas that you might like my opinion on or what have you.
The first idea was simply CHRISTMAS. I can go in many different directions with this one. Today I felt like find pictures of beautiful Christmas decor that I might like to try in my home this year. Enjoy.
Very simple centerpiece that any one can do. I've always wanted a beautiful table setting. I never set the table but I think I might this year. I even have Christmas dishes...I could be the envy of all my friends (yeah, right).
Love how they used the color scheme through the whole room. Beautiful.
What a simple decorating idea.
Chair covers can make the whole room look different.
My mom can totally do me up a wreath like this because I think she has one herself.
I like that this is so simple and subtle.
I LOVE LANTERN so much...but have yet to buy one.
I found a great blog this morning on how to make these lovelies. I'll have to find it later and let yall know.
My mom has an awesome Christmas village. Her current house is to small to put it out. Last year we talked about putting it out in my house. I have a wall of built-ins and it would love lovely. I think I might do it this year.
I love candle light as well.
It doesn't get much easier then this.
Just like lanterns, I LOVE APOTHECARY JARS, but have yet to buy them. I don't know why I haven't. They are very versatile and I can change out the contents for every season.
Another simple center piece.
Decorations that look like sweets. My bff, Sabrena, would love the cupcake em'.
A little Christmas scrapbook, love the idea.
Another beautiful door wreath.
Love the filler in the vase...makes it have a completely different look.
What makes you think of Christmas?

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  1. i love all those ideas. i like the jars with different stuff in them. i was thinking aobut going into the back building and getting out the christmas stuff and go through all my village stuff. if i do, i will get some of it out for you. you don't need it all. it's way to much.