Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Old Ladies

Beauty Sale Shopper and I went to lunch today. We went to Black Eyed Pea, nothing like a little home cooking. There was a table in the back. One by one, the table started filling up with older ladies. I thought it was so sweet. They even prayed together before their meal. Then I wondered.....Was this a weekly thing, monthly or just totally random? The way they all talked to one another I assumed this was something that happened often enough that they weren't all saying "oh, guess what happened...". Then I thought, where are their husbands. They must all be at the "lodge" talking or out playing a round of golf. But for all I know, all their husbands hate each other. None the less, I hope when I'm a little old lady I can look forward to regular lunches with my friends. Makes getting old not seem so bad.


  1. My grandma meets up every sunday morning with her friends at a restraunt to have breakfast, I think it's so nice to know that one day when i get older, I might have some great friends to grow old with too! Great post!

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  2. that was a nice lunch... those ladies were so cute(if you don't count how loud they were and all the swearing... JK!!!)
    also, i appreciate you not making my arm look all doughy and fat.

  3. Some how I knew you were going to comment about your arm being in the picture.