Monday, November 15, 2010


Today's topic is beaches. (in case you don't remember, I randomly ask my facebook friends for blog topics and this was one of them). Everyone loves the beach. I think people who say they don't are just kidding themselves. I'm not saying everyone likes everything about the beach.
For instance, I don't really like getting in the salt water. But I love to lay out, hang out or play in the sand all day. Are you telling me if you were in the above couldn't find a way to relax and have fun? Pull up a chair and read a book while you hear the waves crash in, so peaceful. I could picture my hubby and I nestled under one of these pretty white umbrellas. He would probably have a bucket of beer, and I would order one fruity drink after another.
To stay in one of these rooms would be heaven! I hear there is a part of the floor that is glass so that you can see the fishys! I would die! My hubby isn't big on this is just a dream.
Could you imagine going for a walk with this breath taking scenery all around you? I can smell the sea air, can you?
A single lounge chair. Looks lonely huh? I think it looks relaxing. Get your suit on, sun screen, lay a towel down and read a good book.
I love the colors!
How about taking a nap in this hammock? I'm getting sleepy already.
A cozy little spot...if you wanna get away.
Here's another spot for the hubby and I to relax. Sometimes you just need to get away, even if it is just mentally.


  1. i would love to go to a beach that has white sand and blue water(anyplace other than Galveston)and have one of those cute little cabana boys bringing me a drink. Those huts would be awesome to stay the week in. i want a real vacation so bad.

  2. our husbands don't do "real vacations"...maybe we need a mother/daughter vacation (wink wink)