Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas-topic, part 2

I think most of you remember my other Christmas post here. Here are a few things I would like for Christmas. Please someone, alert my husband! I'm joking....we don't exchange gifts anymore. With the lack of funds we would rather spoil the kids on Christmas then stress about getting one another gifts. But, if I did make him a list this year this is what it would look like. (Honey, don't forget, my birthday and our anniversary is in March!)
The Miss Me jeans that I have talked about before in my Fat Tuesday posts. I told my self if I went down 2 pant sizes I would buy myself a pair (if done my Christmas) but I don't know if that is going to happen. A pair of Cruel Girl jeans. If I go down two pant sizes....I can fit into my old Cruel Girl jeans and will not need a new pair. I haven't worn my old ones in at least 2 years so they would feel like new again.
I would always LOVE to have a new cartridge or two for my Cricut machine!
I would be in HEAVEN if I got a new camera. It doesn't have to be the one pictured above, but a new one would be delightful!
I think ever since my husband has known me I've wanted a silver Chevy Tahoe! Some things just don't change. When we traded in my cavalier (back in the day) I didn't have the money to make notes on a Tahoe so I got a silver Impala instead. I still don't have the money for a Tahoe note, but that doesn't stop me from wanting the damn thing. My family has grown and the Impala, while we do look damn good pimpin' it, doesn't seem so roomy these days.
This ring, like the Tahoe, is also something I have asked for for years! This isn't near as expensive as a Tahoe but some how my husband never seems to think I need this. He is right, I don't need it! I just desperately want one! I want everyone to know I'm a mom and damn proud of it and I put my heart and soul into all three of my kids! Besides, it is pretty.
Regardless of weather or not I get the above new camera, I would love to take another photography class with Deb Evans. She is my friend on facebook and sees the photos I've taken since her first class and always comments. We now know what I need to work on and I would love to take a private class with her to do just that. have a girls weekend! Not just a sleep over at one of our houses! I mean lets rent a hotel room by the beach, or in San Antonio, or even Austin and forget we are moms in our 30's and just have fun! We are a good group of girls who rarely get embarrassed but try our hardest to do so.
But in reality, my favorite gift right now would be to have a date night with the hubs! It doesn't have to be an expensive dinner. (Although when we went to Perry's Steakhouse for our one year anniversary it was some of the best food ever.) I would love it if the house was kid free and my husband made dinner (all of it) and we ate by candle light with a glass of wine. That would be a little slice of Heaven on Earth.
What is on your wish list this Christmas?


  1. What about a girl's weekend in NOLA?? Uh, hello? ;)

  2. I totally need to plan one after the new year. That would be fun!!