Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Day Challenge-Day 7

Someone who has made your life worth living
I have two people. But let's focus on them separately. First, there is my mom. She pretty much raised me by herself. I'm sure it wasn't easy. I didn't know my dad till I was older. People always try and say "aww, poor you" but I look back on my childhood....and think it was very happy. I've always been close to my mother. Some of her pet peeves growing up are now mine. The smell of grape, the sound of teeth scraping a fork, little things like that. She helped carve the woman I am today. I like to think of myself as independent. I love having my husband around, but if something every happened, I know I could manage. I am a good mom...I learned by example. I'm an excellent friend. I'm not tooting my own horn on this one...I've been told. My mom always raised me to be a sensitive and caring person. I think I've mastered that. She has taught me so much, and for life is worth living.
Secondly, my wonderful husband. My world changed in so many ways since he has been in my life. I learned what love really is, both to love and to receive it. I learned the love from a child (before I even had my own). I became a mother and gave birth (one of THE best experiences in my life). I know there is a happy balance with all the things you love in life. It is ok to spend time with friends, he will still be there. No matter what, he will still be there. I know this is dumb, but when I was younger I use to always wonder what a boyfriend would do if I were to have a tragedy in my life, of any kind. When my 4 wheeler flipped and the handle bars went through my face and also broke my arm...I knew. They freak the hell out! It also shows you just how much they love you. My husband is a man of few words...but I know at the end of the day, when I close my eyes....he loves me, and I love him.


  1. Ok, nothing like crying while at work. Thank you so much for the kind words honey. I am very proud of the person you are today and I appreciate knowing that I had something to do with that. Just keep being who you are and you will live a happy and full life. I love you Jessica.