Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Decor

As you know, Saturday I set out with a get crafty! I had gotten several ideas from two different bloggers. First, my mantel. I got ideas for this over at Aura j o o n (I love her photography). She did a post on how she decorated her house for the fall and I fell in love!
I had these cheap leaves strand with pumpkins that I had gotten through Avon a few years ago. I bought a few white pumpkins when we took the boys to the pumpkin patch (another post) to put on my candle holders. I also bought a small pumpkin to put on the side. I think it looks cute!
There is our little pumpkin.
Then I decorated this cute "S". I got the idea over at Cleared For Takeoff . I love it! I'm going to be doing them for every season/holiday! Then I didn't like the picture of our whole wedding party so I traded it with one of our first dance. And you couldn't see the little pumpkin very well or the "S" so I used a cake stand. I really like the way it turned out.
I can be crafty when I wanna, I learned it from my momma. haha
I got the idea for this at Cleared for Takeoff as well. We did this one for my cousin. I think it turned out really good!
That was my crafty Saturday. I hope to have many more. How do you like to decorate for fall?


  1. The only holidays I really decorate for are Christmas and just a little on Halloween. I'd love to have the supplies to do all holidays but just not in the cards currently....eventually I hope to though.


  2. It looks very fall-like, I like it!

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