Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Man Candy

My office is further back in the building so I don't see many people here. But, our walls are thin so I do hear alot of what is going on. Today in the sales office I heard his voice.....
....and it made me so happy I came to work today. Don't get me wrong, the guy looked nothing like the man candy you see before you, but he had that voice. Who is your celeb crush?


  1. I have so many celeb crushes that I couldn't pinpoint just one, although i would be so disapointed to hear that and have that person not look like that picture.

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  2. my man candy....gotta be ....you guessed it, the man in that photo makes me go limp!


  3. Ryan Gossling. I haven't even seen him in anything in years and I STILL love him. How is that possible?


  4. Easy. I wouldn't mind being called Mrs. McConaughey. I get that warm feeling in my special places for Chris Cagle. And my "old man crush" is Tom Selleck.

  5. not that the matthew-voiced guy was all that bad, he was pretty cute (and muscle-y), just not as cute as he should have been with that voice. (i could see him, he was in the office across from mine)