Thursday, October 7, 2010

wanna know?

1. Have you started your Christmas shopping already?

Absolutely not! I can't barely pay my bills these days let alone think about buying Christmas gifts. People might get homemade things this year. My kids will have a small Christmas and just have to deal with it.

2. Doctors are recommending that everyone get a flu shot this year, will you be getting one?

I doubt it. Last year was the first year I had ever gotten one and I only did that because I was pregnant and my cousin (who worked for a doctor) brought one home and I didn't have to go anywhere.

3. If you could have lunch with any Reality Show Celebrity who would it be?

Kendra! I think she is very down to earth and I would love to have a chit chat with her about married life and having a baby.

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  1. I love love Kendra,, she is very funny...Great

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