Friday, October 8, 2010

Race for the Cure

Last Saturday I did the Race for the Cure. It wasn't so much a race for me....we walked it. I think that still counts. The day didn't start well. I needed to wake up at 4:30 and leave my 5. My alarm never went off and I just happened to wake up around 4:55. I rushed to get dressed and then had to get Blake ready. If you have to wake up an 8 month old to do are doing it way to early. Then we get downtown....and the traffic is awful! None the less, we register and are ready to go.
We all were walking in remembrance of our Grandmas. Here is Sabrena and Mindy sportin' their signs. My cute nephew, Dalton, joined us as well. He's not so much a morning person but that's cool.
Here is the super cute Blakester. I love this picture of him. He's always such a happy baby.
There were ALOT of people there supporting a really great cause.
Sabrena....I heart her.
Sabrena was SO excited we saw the Rockets mascot! She said it made getting up early worth it. I don't know about that.
Here is Sabrena and I. I made us girls matching shirts "Save the Tatas". We are pretty cool.
Then....Sabrena found Waldo! Who knew he supported breast cancer research.
We were walking for what seemed like forever (keep in mind we are not exactly "athletic" girls) and Sabrena said "I can't believe they don't have mile markers" and I responded (thinking I was being funny) "Maybe we haven't even gone a mile". And then we saw this!
Like, Really? Honestly I thought it was some funny shit! I was totally joking when I made the comment earlier.
Here is my sis-in-law, Mindy and I.
We made a little pit stop to change diapers and let Dalton stretch his legs. I like this picture of him and his momma.
Here is Sabrena and Dalton.
Mile 2! Go us!
We found a dancing wizard! Naturally we had to dance with him.
Mile 3! Almost done.
There is our time. Not to bad considering we were walking with strollers, stopped to go potty, and stopped again for diaper changes.
Group photo! Props go out to the little boys! They were very good.
Save the Tatas!
Dalton is sleepy, and so over being in the stroller (I don't blame him).
We got some awesome ideas for shirts and props for next year. We decided, almost immediately, that we will not be bringing the kids again. Not that the kids were bad, just to many people to try and maneuver two strollers in a crowd. Until next year....

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  1. I did the Race for the Cure walk in Detroit a couple months ago. It was such a great experience. It looks like you had a lot of fun too!