Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm not Martha Stewart

Last Friday I took the day off to spend with my dear friend and pastry chef, Sabrena. We had plans to make some AWESOME mummy cookies for a party the following day. Didn't really work out like we had planned.
Here is everything we thought we needed. We used premade cookie dough because we were not trying to be Betty Crocker and make it from scratch, we were going for decoration. Sabrena rolls out the dough so we can cut out our little mummy men. I was working on another project (which I totally forgot to take a picture of, but it was actually awesome).
We punched our little guys out and put them on the cookie sheet. **Tip from the pastry chef--don't grease your cookie sheet.
After you pop those guys in the oven, let cool on a cooling rack.
The original icing we bought in the first picture didn't work so well. It is used more to ice a whole we had to go to the store and buy some more. Here are two of Sabrena's mummies.
Here are my (first attempt at decorating a cookie ever) mummies. Not sure what happened with the one on the right. He soon met his maker when i crushed him on the table.
Here is my ONE perfect mummy. Out of all of them I had one. To say the least, we did not end up taking any of these cookies to the party the next night.
Sabrena is showing me her awesome steady hand.
Then we said to hell with the mummies and Sabrena taught me how to pipe. I was so excited. It totally made my day!
Looks good! Made up for my crappy mummies right?
Sabrena is showing her oldest how to do it as well.
We practiced on the table. See the cookie crumbs...that is what is left to that ugly mummy I made.
Here is all of my cookies. You can see part of the other project I was working on. I did an altered paint can for my cousin and Sabrena and I filled it was some awesome stuff.
Then I made this great "B" for Sabrena. She loves cupcakes and I thought this was fitting.
Sabrena on the other hand, might be mistaken for Martha Stewart. She decorated these pumpkins and used it as a center piece on her table. I loved the idea and might have to totally steal it next year.
I had a great day! It was full of many laughs and I feel I did learn alot. Sabrena has great ideas when it comes to decorating and cooking and I'm always up to learn. Until the next class....

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