Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge-Day 2

Something you love about yourself
This isn't an easy one. But I guess I would have to say I'm love that I'm a good listener. I'm always here when my friends need someone to vent to. I think that is an important quality in a friend. Sometimes you don't need to even say anything....just got to get things off your chest. I always try to see both sides of any situation (unless it applies to me, then I have to "phone-a-friend").
I think to often people have "friends" that either try to "one up them" or talk about when they were in the situation. Sometimes you just really need someone to shut up and listen and that's what I do. Don't get me wrong, you ask for my opinion and you will get it.
I can think of countless times my sister-in-law calls me and this is how the conversation goes down...
SIL: Hey, I just need to vent got a minute?
ME: always
SIL: proceeds to tell the story or rant and rave...whatever suits her at the moment.
ME: yeah...ok...uh huh
SIL:Thanks for letting me get that out, bye!
And that's how it goes. So if you need a good listener...program me in, I'm always around.


  1. Very good quality to have!


  2. It is always good to be a good listener,, me I will start daydreaming half way through... I have a short attention span... great blog...

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  3. I understand the feeling completely! I like to think I'm a good listener too, but like everyone else, I have my "moments", haha.