Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fat Tuesday

It's that time again...and I have sad news. I gained a pound. It's my own fault. Last week I didn't do the 3 day diet because Wednesday I was going to a concert (Carrie Underwood, drank almost a bottle of wine) and Thursday one of our vendors brought pizza for lunch. So, I tried to just watch what I ate. So in reality...only a pound is pretty good.
For some reason I can't get on the exercise kick. I've tried and there is just never enough hours in the day. I can walk as soon as I get home but then I only get about an hour with Blake before he sleeps. I use to jump on the treadmill around 9, maybe I should try that again.
I did finally see my new brother-in-law, David, on Saturday. He hadn't seen me since his wedding. That is almost 2 months ago and he immediately said he noticed my face looked a lot thinner. Most people would be happy with the compliment, and don't get me wrong I am. It means that starving myself is clearly working. But it totally reminded me of how heavy I was for my sister's wedding. It was the heaviest I've ever been and that saddens me. But I'm going to stay positive! Next time he sees me (hopefully it won't be another 2 months) I want him to be able to notice some more weight loss. My sister and her husband are super fit people, they notice this shit.
Today is my first day back on the Three Day Diet and I'm starving again. Taking just a week off totally threw me off. But I'm going to stick with it because I know it works...and I have 4 other days in the week to eat. ;)


  1. Hi, so glad you visited my blog! xoxo

  2. I have lost and gained big amounts of weight before, and I think gaining only 1 pound is a major accomplishment. Good luck on the diet, and thanks so very much for posting my button.. :)

  3. Sometimes I think dieting is fun because it's so freaking glorious when you break it. Don't beat yourself up. Just be glad you gained it doing fun stuff like rocking out with Carrie and bonding at work instead of eating Cheetos in front of the t.v. until you realized that you were going to have to go out in public the next day with a permanent orange lip stain. Trust me. SO embarrassing.


  4. Hang in there girlie! We'll fight this together ok?