Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finding Sanity

If any of you remember last week I blogged about my slight meltdown last Saturday...if not read here. I'll wait....
So, I am trying to fix the situation that I have put myself in. For the first time in well over a year....I made no plans this weekend other than spend time with my kiddos. I have had several people tell me in the past few days (after reading my blog) that they do notice that I'm ALWAYS busy. One even said I tend to "burn the candle at both ends". So really, it's no wonder I had a meltdown.
Before I left work today, my wonderful daughter (17 years old) text me and asked if we could have movie night. She totally made my night! We haven't really talked much lately and I figured it would be like this weekend. Plus dear hubby is at the deer least, again, and I have both boys alone. My friends tease all the time, I'm the single mom with three kids. Any who...I left work and picked up the boys and came home to pick up Alexys. We went to CiCi's Pizza for dinner and then to Red Box to rent some movies. When we got home, Devon immediately went in his room to watch his movie. Alexys and I put on our jammies and played with Blake on the living room floor. It was really nice, and relaxing. Then Alexys and I watched our movie and when it was over it was still early (for me).
I put Blake to bed, he was already asleep anyways and started to "declutter" the house. I went through drawers and threw stuff away. I went though alot of stuff in my bed room and either threw it away or paid a pile for donation. I'm far from done but it is after midnight now. Tomorrow morning Devon and I are going to decorate the tree and Alexys will take some pics. I plan on decorating the whole inside of the house for Christmas but with a 10 month old that likes a little attention from time to time that gets hard. Alexys already asked to go to dinner with her boyfriend tomorrow and then stay the night with a friend. I guess it is just me and the boys tomorrow night. I want to bake some cookies for a care package I would like to get in the mail Monday. I also have a few frames around the house that I just need to print out updated pictures for...that's on my to do list as well.
Our weather is so dumb in Texas. Tomorrow it is going to be 78 and then Sunday I think the high is 58! WTF? And I wonder why we keep getting sick.
I hope everyone has a wonderful night!


  1. Sounds like you had a great evening! Sometimes the more simple a night is the more we enjoy it!


  2. I like simple nights too, right now we are watching television and eating cookies with milk. I am your newest follower from New Friend Friday.

  3. We had a movie night last night too! SO great!

  4. You seemed relaxed when I was over Saturday. i know we didn't get everything done, but we made a dent in it. I had fun. We don't have many mother/daughter days. Plus, I got to see my boys and that is always nice.