Monday, December 6, 2010

Great Weekend

The rest of my weekend was wonderful. Saturday Blake and I woke up and snuggled on the couch. I made us a big pancake and we shared it. Usually I don't let the kids sleep real late, but it was our relaxing weekend so I didn't care.
My mom came over around 8. She painted my bathroom for me and then helped me decorate for Christmas (that is another post, with pictures). Alexys left for a "date" with her boyfriend and it was just me, my boys and my mom. She wanted to leave before it got dark so my house was still a mess. We had decorations up, but boxes every where. We stopped alot to play with the boys, after me, this weekend was about me and my kids. We stayed in our jammies ALL day! It was awesome. We did leave and get dinner at Taco our jammies, but we just did the drive thru.
Sunday was much of the same. Trying to go through all the boxes. Blake and I played alot. Devon played with the neighbor's girls and Alexys had stayed the night at a friend's house. My house looks good. I'm not "lovin" my tree, but it will work this year.
I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend.


  1. I enjoyed spending the day with you and the boys. Sorry I left before we got to clean up. next year I will have some of my village out for you to put up on your shelves. That will look so cool. I especially liked playing with Blake. He is such a good baby. He is gonna start doing all kinds of things.

  2. I love love love jammie days!