Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a few....

I thought I would share just a few blogs that I love to read! Everyone likes a little promotion right?
First up is Amber LaShell Rant. I've been following her for about a month now, and she's a pretty cool chick.
I love Aura j o o n photography. She is now pregnant so I get to be apart of her journey. How awesome!
Canadian Blogger Girl is a pretty funny girl! She has a 2010 goal...she wants 100 followers. She's at 89, help her out!
If you like frat boyish humor...check out From the head of The Danaconda. He is always good for a few laughs.
If you like mommy blogs (I sure do) Me and Mr. C is one of the cutest ones around!
I love everything about much love, illy. You have to check her out!
Annah over at Red Means Go has awesome drawings to go with every post...that alone is worth reading!
Simple Dude in a Complex World is full of randomness. Sometimes you need a little of that.
If you like a little southern charm, check out Mel at Southern Comfort in a Northern life.
Thrifty Decor Chick is AWESOME! I've stolen a few of her ideas.
Sara over at Welcome to Sara's Organized Chaos never disappoints. She also has a cute etsy shop that you really need to check out.
That covers it for today! I hope everyone enjoys finding new blogs. To the lovely blogs that I showcased...I hope you appreciate it...linking all these up is a pain.
Thanks to all of you for awesome fills my day and entertains me to no end.


  1. Thank u so much for the shout out:)

  2. OMG, that was an unexpected shout out,, and i was number 1! i feel like i have won an awared! thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Found this post through Simple Dude, and now I have to follow all of these links...guess what I'll be doing for the next hour?

  4. Wow thanks again for yet another amazing shout out! It's much appreciated!