Friday, December 17, 2010

And I cried!

See this pretty young lady? This is Alexys. Those of you that are new to this blog (thank you by the way) she is my 17 year old step-daughter that I would proudly claim as my own any day of the week. She has been in my life since she was 6. She moved in with us last August, but we have wanted her to live with us for years...things just didn't work out until now.
Anyways, I've been sitting on her heart felt words she said a week ago. I only shared them with a few people. I thought I would share them with you now.
Last Tuesday we went to get our hair done after I got off work. We were talking about random things, like we usually do. We talked about when she gets older and then she said the sweetest thing. "When I get older and think about having a family, I want one just like ours. We are perfect." My eyes instantly became watery. She went on talking about other stuff and looked over at me and said "omg, you are going to cry aren't you"...I tried my best to muffle out a "NO" but it was to late. A few tears did fall and we drove the rest of the way in silence.
I think as a mother in general you always wonder how you are doing, how you kids view you, are you doing a "good" job. As a step-mom, I think those concerns double. With my boys the bond was instant from birth. With Alexys we had to build it.
Without even realizing it, Alexys gave me the best compliment ever. I've raised a good family. I have great kids and it shows. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She was my first taste of motherhood and she did not disappoint.
I love you Alexys!


  1. Your stepdaughter is beautiful - inside and out! What a great story. We're in the process of legally getting the boy to live with us...the sad part is, his mom doesn't really care because she's too focused on starting her new family with her new husband. Probably won't be any new babies coming from me, so we can provide the attention he needs. I hope one day he thinks of our imperfect little family as worth it.
    Happy holidays!

  2. What a great gift she gave you!