Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some of my favorite things

Since everyone is doing a "favorite things" post...I thought I would jump on the band wagon. After all, I like things too!
My Chi Turbo! With out this wonderful hair would forever be curly. Honestly, I look like Sissy in Urban Cowboy. I like to straighten it out from time to time. Change things up for the hubby (wink, wink). A delicious glass of Moscato wine. I don't even need the fancy kind. I'll take the cheap Barefoot brand any o day of the week.
Baby toes! I love them. Lucky for me, we have a baby in the house right now. But really, when a friend has a baby...I gotta see the feet.
Taste of Home magazine. Possibly the best magazine that I subscribe to. Such yummy and easy recipes.
Cordial Cherries! They can only be found at Christmas time. I limit myself to just one cherry a day. But last year, I was prego and might have had many more.
Current favorite thing to make. My Grandma's homemade mac n' cheese! I made some last night, and brought some leftovers for lunch.
I had an awesome picture of Christmas socks...but my dumb as deleted it! None the less, I love holiday socks..I wear them all the time.
What are your favorite things? I wanna know!


  1. That mac-n-cheese looks delicious! You should share the recipie!

  2. SUCH a lovely list, Jessica! :) I love me some delicious wine, and baby toes are adorable! :) Babies totally make me swoon :) As for everything else, I'm going to have to try some time ;)

  3. Great post, and I love baby toes too! Maybe I will do a favorite things post tomorrow!

  4. That mac-n-cheese looks freaking delicious; My stomach just literally growled. I just thought you should know what your blog does to me, haha.