Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Baby's Room

I'm not sure if any of you recall in my Scentsy post that I couldn't wait to get one for my son's room.
It arrived and I love it! I got the Newborn Nursery smell and it smells just like baby powder. This is where I was thinking of putting it. He no longer needs the humidifier so that can come out.
So cute!
Here is what it looks like with the lights off. I love that it doubles as a night light. I had a lamp that I use to leave on for him but it was so bright. If he woke up early in the morning he would just stay up because he could see everything. Now, he just goes back to sleep.
Here are the letters that were made for his room. They were a gift from my sister-in-law.
His bed was Devon's when he was a baby. Yes, I've kept it that long.
The frames hold ultrasound pictures. There is the lamp that use to be left on all night.
Each child has a Christmas tree in their room this year. To the right is a basket of shoes that Blake can not wear. His feet are to fat (tall, not wide) and won't go over his feet. The cabinet is special. Blake uses it now, Devon used it when he was a baby, and so did Alexys. It is older then that. Robert also used it when he was little and so did his mother. I redid it and added new hardware. I still love that it has been passed down.
This is special to me. Devon made this with his bend-a-roos before Blake was born. There is even a flower in there. I thought that was so sweet of him, I framed it.
Here is picture of him on his first day alive. Everyone that visited signed the frame.
Here is where we sit and talk or rock to sleep.
And here is the sleeping baby that all this is for. I love you Blake!

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  1. I love watching him sleep. i love how we did his room.