Thursday, December 9, 2010

cold hands, warm hearts

Remember me telling you that I participated in the cold hands, warm hearts blog swap? It was awesome! I was paired up with Lillian over at Unstitched. I got my package in the mail the other day and could NOT wait to open it.
I was not disappointed!
I received a sweet note from Lillian.
Look at my cute mittens!
I'm awesome!
They are very cozy.
Tights! Sweet! I've been wanting to try a pair of colored tights but didn't have the nerve to buy some, now I don't have to.
She also included a yummy recipe for snicker doodle cookies! I can't wait to bake these.
I also got a lovely lavender scented candle, how calming. And, I received an ocean mist palm wax candle. It smells heavenly.
And last, but now least I got a little bottle to put perfume in and carry in my purse.
I love everything I received. Thanks again Lillian. Everyone should check out her blog, I think you would love it.
I hope they do this swap again next year. Maybe they should think about doing one for Valentine's day....just a suggestion.


  1. ohhhhh those mittens and tights are sooo fun and cute!!!! you should def get into the colored tights trend hehe!! and yay for a yummy recipe!! thanks sooo much for participating in the swap, friend!! :D

  2. a recipe! Brilliant, wish I had thought of that :) Great package.

    Another fellow CHWH Participant,

  3. Ooo I love your gloves! And your tights look nice and warm!

    Your fellow CHWH Participant,


  4. I'm SO glad you enjoyed everything!! :) I'm so happy I was paired up with you, Jessie! :) Have a wonderfully warm holiday season ;)

  5. What a great package! Love the mittens, and the tights! :)


    (A fellow CHW<3 participant.)

  6. I adore those gloves and what wonderful looking candles you have! =)

    - A fellow CHWH participant

  7. the gloves are cute :)
    and everything else too !!

  8. The gloves and the tights look super toasty! :)

    - Fellow CHWH participant
    Michelle of