Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fat Tuesday

I was already to do this dumb Fat Tuesday post, I went on Google to search images (because I can't do a post with out pictures, i just can't) and I typed in the word FAT. This is one of the pictures that popped up.
Really? I wish I was "fat" like Jennifer Love Hewitt. This was about that time that the media was saying she was fat. Really? Where? Let me pour my fat ass in a bikini and I'll show you fat.

The radio station I listen to this morning was talking about regular fat and Hollywood fat. They were saying that most women these days would love to be a size 8 (I know I would do anything for it) but in Hollywood that is considered fat, borderline obese. Really....then maybe I should be lifted out of my house with a crane or something because I haven't seen an 8 in years.

This gets be thinking about the runway models. They are deathly skinny, to the point there is no way anyone could possibly think they look good.

How can I raise my teenage daughter to think that she looks good being 110 pounds (oh, I remember those days) when the media is telling us that is fat.

I know this isn't my typical Fat Tuesday post. But I gained 2 pounds and it wasn't going to be a happy post anyways. I hope every is doing good on their weight loss.


  1. I wish i could look that good in that bikini too,,, I don't think hollywood has their head on straight anyways... Good luck with the weightloss, never give up and you will succeed!

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  2. I feel ya sista! I have gained a few pounds during our move and I need to lose them. It's hard isn't it?

  3. I'm having a harder time post baby this time. I was 21 when I had my first one, I'm 31 now. Age is against me.