Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Predictions

Yesterday was another wonderful performance night of So You Think You Can Dance.  I love this show and the talent this year is absolutely amazing.

 The first couple to dance was Sasha and Alexandar.  They did a contemporary that was beautiful.  Amazing use of the piano as a prop.  You could see the emotion in the piece, very believable.  Sasha is one of my favorite girls!

 Caitlynn and Mitchell performed a hot Samba number.  I thought that Caitlynn's dress was distracting, but not her fault.  I was amazed that Mitchell's hips were moving like they were supposed to.  Hot little number.
 Next up, Robert and Miranda doing a Broadway.  I didn't love it.  I didn't feel like the storyline went with the dance or music.  I'm not a fan of Broadway anyways so my opinion might not amount to anything really.
 Melanie and Marko!  This is a power house couple.  The did a Nappy/Tabs hip hop number that was amazing.  The emotion was totally displayed.  And the kiss....priceless.
 Ashley and Chris did a Jazz number.  Ashley hits harder then Chris so they didn't "match" up well.  Nigel complained about the music not going with the dance...not their fault.  Wasn't my favorite at all but it was danced well.
 Clarice and Jess did the foxtrot.  The camera angels were throwing me off and they (the cameras) kept moving alot.  All the judges liked it, Mary loved it.  I new Jess would do well with this.  Clarice did well too.  Her dress was amazingly beautiful.
 Ryan and Ricky did contemporary.  This is both of their genre.  They (Ryan) really need this routine.  Ryan actually didn't smile throughout the whole piece like usual.  Thank God!  Very good performance.  Great use of their prop.
Jordan and Tadd did a Nappy/Tabs hip hop.  Loved it but did feel like some moves should have been hit harder.  I do want to say thank God I don't read the SYTYCD forums anymore.  I can already hear all the moms saying how this routine was inappropriate for t.v.  I love it!  It was realistic.

Now to predict who will be in the bottom three. This is hard because as a couple I don't feel anyone should but I do feel certain individuals should.  So, based on last nights performance her are my predictions:
  • Robert and Miranda
  • Ashley and Chris
  • Clarice and Jess
Who do I think will go home?  Luckily I only have to choose one boy and one girl this week (last week was tough).  I think it will be Miranda and Chris.  Not totally sure why I picked them.  Everyone is so great this year it is really hard to make predictions.

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