Monday, June 6, 2011

How will you be remembered?

Have you ever thought to wonder how people see you?  How, if you were gone, you would be remembered.  Last week I got a taste of what people thought about me...all in the same day.  I have to say, I'm ok with how I will be remembered.

The first thing that happened was about mid-afternoon.  My dear friend Sabrena had picked up her youngest daughter from school, her last day in elementary.  She cried.  Sabrena is not really a cryer.  She got home and yahoo messaged me "I was you today"  in which I responded "Did you cry?".  She said yes!  I have been known to be an emotional person.  It use to bother me but now....people know I put my whole heart into something so when things make me happy or sad, you will probably get a tear.

The second thing, I had put something on facebook about how I love taking photos because even if the people in them change the photos never do.  My other good friend, Jeanne, said "that must be why you take so many".  I honestly usually always have my camera with me.  I've been this way since high school and do not see it changing any.

The last thing, my aunt found some old photos and things of my grandmas.  She was telling me how she found a few letters that I had mailed to my grandma when I was much younger.  She said "they weren't long, just short and sweet like you".

There are much worse things a person can be remembered for.  Being remembered as the short, sweet and emotional photographer....I'm ok with!

Have a good week.


  1. Good on ya for taking things as you did! Perceptions can be taking too far these days.


  2. Definitely wonderful things to be remembered for!

  3. 'The people in them change, but the photos never do'...

    That's one of the best things anyone has ever said about photography. Lovely post!