Friday, June 24, 2011

The Results....6/23

I blogged ALL last season of So You Think You Can Dance and I have never (NEVER) guess all three of the bottom three correctly....until last night!  I honestly surprised myself.  Usually America and I don't agree when it comes to dancing.  So the six of them had to dance for their lives:
  • Wadi
  • Missy
  • Iveta
  • Nick
  • Ryan
  • Ricky
I didn't think all of them really "danced for their lives".  Some of them their auditions were better.  And I thought who was going home was wrong.  I thought for SURE Ryan was going home and she is the only girl that was saved!  I thought Missy was a favorite of the judges.  But, I'm ok to see Missy go.  Something about her I didn't like.  She's a great dancer and she is going places, now I just don't have to see her face every week.  The guys it was a toss up for me.  I knew Nick was going home for sure.  But I wasn't sure between Ricky and Wadi.  But after they performed their solos I knew hands down Ricky was staying.  I see all the dancers that went home going places.  This year they have exeptional dancers and SYTYCD is just a stepping stone for them.

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