Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Predictions

It's that time of year again.  My favorite t.v. time.  So You Think You Can Dance is on!  Everyone in my house now hates me every Wednesday and Thursday because they must listen to Mary's screams again.  But I love this show so much.  If you were with my blog this time last year you now the drill.  For all you newbies, every Thursday I do a re-cap of all the dances and who I think will be in the bottom 3 and who I think will go home.  On Friday I give you by views on who went home and why.

Now, when I watched the show last night I didn't take notes like I usually do.  So I might be a little vague this week and the dances will not be listen in order they were preformed.  Bare with me this week.

 Ashley and Chris preformed a Broadway number, "Please, Mr. Jailer".  I didn't care for it at all.  There wasn't much dancing with them together because he was in "jail".  I also don't feel like the music really went with the dancing much.
 Caitlynn and Mitchell danced a contemporary, "Turning Tables".  I really liked this one.  I felt it was danced well.
 Clarice and Jess preformed a contemporary, "Cathedrals".  I thought this was an awesome number and well danced.  Am I the only one when they say Clarice I think of Silence of the Lambs?  Just checkin.
Iveta and Nick did a Bollywood routine, "Baawre".  Iveta looks amazing at anything she does.  Nick seemed a little akward to me. 
 Jordan and Tadd did the viennese waltz, "Fade into Me".  I love everything that Jordan does.  I think that Tadd did well also.
 Melanie and Marko did a Jazz number, "Sing with a Swing".  I don't "love" jazz to begin with.  It was well danced.  Melanie is also an amazing dancer.
 Miranda and Robert got a hip hop number, "Break ya Neck".  I didn't really care for the whole woodpecker thing but I enjoyed the dance.  Robert is one of my favorites, probably has alot to do with his personality.
 Missy and Wadi did a Cha-Cha, "Cannibal".  I don't think it was a good song to do the cha-cha to.  Wadi needs to work on his ballroom, he didn't look comfortable at all.  I don't feel as if Missy pulled it off very well either, the judges disagreed.  I'm going to put this out there now...not sure why but I don't like Missy.  Not sure what it is.
 Ryan and Ricky did a jazz number, "Addicted to Love".  I loved the song.  I think Ryan had the same problem this week as last, to smiley.  Other than that, it was danced great.
Sasha and Alexander did a hip hop to "Coming Home".  I think everyone will dance of the night!  I loved everything about it.  I think Sasha is a true star.

As far as my predictions...hmmm.  Three couples will be in the bottom three.  I think it will be:
  • Iveta and Nick
  • Ryan and Ricky
  • Missy and Wadi
This week 4 people will be going home since no one went home last week.  2 guys and 2 girls.  It's going to be hard this year to make predictions.  The girls are all AMAZING!!!!  But none the less, here are my picks:
  • Nick-I don't know if he is strong enough in the other genres to make it
  • Wadi-while I personally really like him, I don't know if America feels the same way.  He is only trained in hip-hop.  It might end up hurting him.
  • Ryan-her dancing is amazing but her "performance" needs alot of work
  • Missy-I personally have seen something wrong both weeks but Nigel is like in love with her so I know this one is wrong.
I know some of my predictions are wrong.  It is hard picking 3 couples to be in the bottom 3 knowing that 4 of the 6 are going home.  Tonight will be a surprise for me but then maybe I'll have an idea of how America feels.

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