Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today is June 1!  Is there any significance in this day, not really.  But today I will try and take back my life.  Time to clear out the clutter at home, my head.  Time to make time for me and the things I like to do...for JUST ME.  As a mom you always want to do things for your kids first before you ever THINK of doing something for yourself.  I have become VERY aware that some kids don't give a shit what you do for's just not good enough.  So, today I will start worrying more about me and what makes me happy. 

I haven't been blogging on a regular basis for awhile now.  One of the reasons is I didn't want people to put me down for some of the things I say or the views I have.  I'm a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister and a friend.  And you know's not always peachy.  So if I want to write about happy crap, I will.  If I want to rant about how some one as wronged me, I will.  And if you don't like it....feel free to unfollow me.  This blog is for me and I'm taking it back!


  1. Good on ya girlfriend! You stay strong!


  2. Being a mom is a balancing act, and I agree with you that you have to take care of yourself first! Raising kids is hard work and many days aren't fun. Funny thing is, when you get to the finish line of raising kids, like I have, you wish you could go back in time...but just for one day.
    I often think..why was it so hard for me? Maybe I'm just losing my! Hang in there!