Thursday, January 6, 2011

We are getting even closer

I bought this journal for my daughter (for the newbies, she actually my step) for Christmas. I didn't know if she would think it was dumb or not. Keep in mind she is 17! But she actually really liked the idea. The mother fills out the left pages and the daughter the right. It asks questions like what's your favorite food or memory together. There is free space to ask random question. There is even a page to draw your dream outfit.
We have been doing the journal back and forth for about a week now. We love it! I already feel like I'm getting to know her on a different level. Just an idea for all you moms out there.

Now if they would just make one for sons and mothers I would have it made!

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely idea.
    Unfortunately I am certain that if there was a mother son version, I would do my page then it would disappear into the chaos of a smelly 14 yo
    room never to be seen again.