Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My weekend!

I had a very good weekend! Friday my first born turned 10! I was honestly more excited about this whole double digit birthday then he was. We went to McDonalds with a few other family members and ate and played in the playland. Then we came home and did cake and he opened our gift, Super Mario Bros. for the Wii. Guess what we played the rest of the night?
On Saturday we did Devon's birthday party with his friends at the skating ring. It was a lot of fun. He even said it was the best birthday....ever!
On our way home we stopped so all the guys could get a haircut. Blake got his first haircut and he did great. I feel like the new look "cut all the baby off" so I've thought about asking for all the hair back. But the day was going to come. Now he looks more like his brother and father.
Sunday was a lazy day and it was amazing. Alexys and I played Wii for about an hour or so and then I did some laundry. Robert and I went to the store for dinner stuff and then I came back and went through a box in the closet, slowly trying to organize.
This weekend he will be at the deer lease so I'm hoping to get a lot of things organized, we will see.

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  1. What a cutie! Both of them. Glad you had a great weekend.