Monday, March 7, 2011

Shattered Lives of Montgomery Co.

Tomorrow my daughter is participating in a great program to help tell teens about drinking and driving. The program is called Shattered Lives of Montgomery Co., you can check out last years on you tube. Student and parent participation is a must to make this program work. They stage a realistic accident scene. They have movie people come and do the "accident scene". After the accident scene they other members of the shattered lives program return to class. Every 15 minutes the Grim Reaper and a state trooper pull one of the member out of class. This signifies that every 15 min. a person dies of a drunk driving related accident. About two weeks ago I was asked to write my daughters obituary on the spot. Like I said they make this as realistic as possible. When the Grip Reaper pulls the child out of class, someone reads the child's obituary. That was by far the hardest thing I had to do as a parent. I cried the whole time I wrote it. My daughter is NOT a cryer. I asked her if she was prepared to hear what I would write for her. She said she already told her friends it is the one time they will see her cry. Tomorrow will be a very hard and emotional day. They also take the kids somewhere overnight. No cell phones. I will have no contact with my daughter after viewing the accident scene. I've been away from my daughter before, but not after leaving her this way. This will be a long 24 hours for me. Highly emotional I'm sure.

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  1. Hang in there. It is a good experience for them. It teaches them the reality of drinking and driving. I know it doesn't make it easy for you though. I am here if you need me.