Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are you better?

I have a little rant! This is directed at no one in my family (all though I do have some same issues with this). How can family just turn their back on you? How are the people that should be there for you no matter what act like you don't even exist? Why do people treat facebook like the freakin bible or something? Like if you are friends with them on facebook then we can't be friends. Really? Get an effin life. IT IS JUST FACEBOOK.
Family should always be there, no matter what. Even when you don't agree with them to the fullest....if they need a shoulder to cry on, you should offer. Maybe it has to do with how I was raised, I don't know. Family means the world to me and I also pass those values on to my friends. When my friends need me....I'm there.
Do people really thing they are so much better that they don't need their family? Your family is what shaped you into the person you are today.