Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's really dumb when you think about it. Why do we care if we lose a follower? We don't even know most of the people that follow us anyways. But I lost 2 followers this week. Maybe it is because of my lack of posting or maybe I'm lame. Or maybe...just maybe they are smarter then me and figured out how to unfollow blogs. I've been trying and trying and I can't. So to all those that would like to unfollow me...I wish you well, but tell me your secret to unfollow as well.
Anywho.....I still want to do a post on the Shattered Lives project that my daughter did but I don't want to do it at work because I get very emotional and I just have been a little busy at home. I still love my blog...and love letting things out.
I've recently rediscovered that some friends still need me. I thought that our close friendship was a thing of the past but now I know...they heart me just as much as I heart them. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and be responsible if you are drinking (sorry, I will start preaching that).


  1. I didn't stop following your blog, but I do know how to. Go to your blog "dashboard." It will have a list of all the blogs that you follow. Click on "manage" then next to the blogs you want to unfollow, click "settings" then "stop following this blog." I hope that wasn't too confusing :o)

  2. I've tried that!!!! And they won't go away. lol

  3. I actually wish I had more followers!