Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Predictions

One more week and SYTYCD will be no more until next summer.  This makes me sad.  But last nights show was awesome!  I always like when Lil C guest judges and I also think that Christina Applegate did an amazing job as well.

Melanie and Twitch dance a hip hop.  I didn't love the choreography in this one.  I didn't feel there was a lot of dancing in it.  What dancing there was, was done well.  We got to see a different side of Melanie, a little dirty side.
 Sasha and Kent do a contemporary piece.  I love Kent!!  Very good, very emotional.  Awesome technique.  Made you feel emotions.  Brought Lil C to tears, only seen that one other time!

 Marko and Janette do a paso doble.  Good Footwork.  Great lifts.  Used Janette as the cape, great concept.  Nigel didn't like it but the rest of the judges did.
 Tadd and Ellenore did a contemporary.  To much use of a prop.  Needed more dancing.  When it was danced, it was danced well.

Ricky and Jamie do a contemporary.  I didn't like the use of the props (music sticks).  Flowed nicely.  I didn't get much out of it but I think it's because I'm not a huge fan of Ricky's.  Judges seemed fine with it.
 Caitlynn and Pasha do a samba.  Very sexy.  Great footwork.  She looked all grown up.  Great booty shakin.
 Sasha and Ricky do the first ever waacking.  I don't love this style.  Ricky didn't seem like he gave it 100%.  Sasha wacked better per Mary.
 Melanie and Tadd do a Broadway.  Very Black Swan looking.  Very good!!!!  Great "acting", good chemistry.  Very sensual.

Caitlynn and Marko do a jazz.  Deep!  Caitlynn stayed in character.  Great lifts.  Amazing.  This was Caitlynn's moment!

Bottom 4, this is hard.  To me Ricky and Caitlynn are a given for the bottom but not sure about the other two positions.  I said it last week and I'll say it again, if Ricky makes it to the finale I hope all the cheerleader followers get hives all over their body (just like I did).  So, bottom 4:

Sasha and Melanie is really a toss up.  I think they will both make it to the finale and honestly I have no idea who will win this year!  Can't wait until tonight!

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