Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The results....8/4

So, America saved all the cheerleaders for their whole bodies covered in hives....Ricky went home.  I will say this:  I know it seems like I am hating on Ricky.  I don't.  He has amazing solos.  But I do believe he needs some more work in partnering and he wasn't good at other genres like the other guys were. 

Caitlynn is amazing.  I love her solos and she really started coming out of her shell the past two weeks.  But compared to Sasha and Melanie, it was a no brainer that she was going home.  I don't think she was surprised.  Ricky on the other hand, seemed floored!  Not sure why he thought he was a sure thing for the finale.

I think America got it right this year and I can't wait to watch this week and see who this years winner is!

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