Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Predictions

Tonight is the last night of SYTYCD of the season!  Last night had some good ones and bad ones.

 Melanie and Marko do a disco.  I thought it looked all jacked up.  Their worst performance together, not that it was that bad (just the worse they have done together).  The lifts were not smooth.  Not a good performance for a season finale.
 Sasha and Mark do Jazz.  In case some of you live under a rock, Mark is one of Lady Gaga's dancers!  This dance was awesome!  I love Mark, perfect guy for this piece.  Awesome footwork and extensions.  Sasha always gives it her all.
 Tadd and Joshua do a hip hop routine.  I didn't love it.  I didn't think it was the dancers faults.  I didn't care for the choreography.  But he danced it well.  Tadd just looked like a little guy next to Joshua.
 Melanie and Robert do a contemporary number.  I didn't get the story but thought it was danced well.  Robert always does an amazing job.  Melanie partners very well with anyone.
 Sasha and Marko have a Broadway piece.  I liked it.  Marko stayed in character.  Awesome moves.  Very cute.
 Sasha and Tadd do a Cha Cha.  Not your normal cha cha, at least it didn't look like it.  Not a lot of booty shakin.  There were a few mess ups.  Not an awesome number but fun.
 Marko and Lauren do contemporary.  Very Good!  Great connections.  Emotional.  Good chemistry.  Great lifts.  One of the best of the night.
 Melanie and Tadd do a jazz.  Very fun routine.  Melanie does great in character!!  They did very well.
 Sasha and Melanie do a contemporary.  Totally got the story.  Great footwork.  Top 2 girls were amazing.
Marko and Tadd did a hip/hop.  They looked tired.  But I thought the choreography was great.  They work well together.

Now...who will win?  I know it is not Tadd.  I love him but the other two are better.  In all honesty, I think it will be a girl.  My opinion on it....  I think Melanie should win.  But this is really a popularity contest so I don't know how America did it.  Either way, they are both wonderful girls and will get several opportunities presented to them after the show and tour are over!

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