Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here I am. Day 5 of headaches. It's awful. I'm not sure what's wrong.
Sunday I started feeling dizzy and got a headache. Every time I closed my eyes the world would spin. I even got the cold sweats. I slept alot that day.
Monday I woke up feeling the same. I was actually going to call in sick, only the third time in 5 years. But unfortunately my receptionist called in and I have work ethic that is clearly to generous and made it to work. The drive itself was hard. Ever try to drive while feeling dizzy? When I dropped Blake off at daycare I started feeling nauseous and sat in their restroom for a good 20 min waiting to toss my cookies....never happened thankfully. So I made it to work, late...but got there. I had to answer phones. So I sat there, with my head on my desk for the first hour or so and answered phones...nothing else. I slept during my lunch hour. When I went home, the dizziness went away but the headache continued.
Tuesday, another headache....
Wednesday, yet another headache. See the pattern? Every one started stressing and said it was my blood pressure. So I took it....and it was high. So I made an appointment for the doctor. I went to bed with the headache.
Today...I woke up with my headache. But at least today I'm going to the doctor. I took my blood pressure and it was normal. Who knows?
No matter what is wrong....a week long headache is NOT normal and something needs to be done.
I hope everyone else's week has been better.

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  1. I hope the dr. can figure out what is wrong with you if it isn't your blood pressure. I hate when you have a headache everyday. I hope you get to feeling better honey.