Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fat Tuesday

I'm back to normal. Doing my Fat Tuesday post on Wednesday. Day late, dollar short I tell ya. So, I lost .2 pounds. While I know this is no great accomplishment I do think it is a loss none the less and I'll take it. I had a salad every day during lunch last week and shared my dinner plate with my cute little one year old.
This week has been a little different. Sunday I was extremely dizzy and I had an awful headache. I ate breakfast and a light dinner. That's all I had all day. I slept alot. Monday was worse. The dizziness was really bad. I didn't eat anything for breakfast, I had a small fry for lunch and a small plate of nachos for dinner. The dizziness has gone away but the headache is still there. Tuesday I had a pop tart for breakfast and an English muffin with peanut butter for lunch. I had a frozen pizza for dinner, I know that is not good for me.
The headaches are still with me. Everyone thinks it is my blood pressure. I had a lady at work take it and it is a little elevated. I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow. I'm falling apart.

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  1. You are not falling apart honey. I hope that all these headaches and dizzyness is from your blood pressure and they give you meds and you will finally see a difference with those headaches. Keep up the good work.