Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Oh how I would LOVE for that to be my body. Once upon a time..... Anywho, I only lost 1/2 a pound this week but that is better than gaining. I am still trying to eat salads with dinner, sometimes in place of dinner. I go for a walk every now and again with Blake in the wagon. Last night I did a little Dance Party on the Wii with Alexys. I still share my dinner plate with Blake so that helps my portions alot as well.
My daughters boyfriend was over on Sunday, looking at pictures I have in frames. He saw a photo of when the hubby and I first got together. The boyfriend asked how long ago the photo was. I told him a little over 10 years. And then he responds with..."You were SO tiny! What were you like 115?" And I say quietly "no, 105". I felt like a fat cow! I know he did not mean it like that at all. I mean I was 21 and 2 kids ago and the photo, I by no means expect to look the same. Oye! On the upside, he motivated my ass to watch what I eat even more. I know I can lose it, I've done it before.
Hope everyone is doing well on their weight-loss. I know Valentine's day throws a wrench in it but you can get back on track.


  1. congrats on the 1/2 pound. It's better than gaining!

  2. I can't even remember the 105 lb days! And you are still losing weight so keep it up :)

  3. Not sure where my post went I sent earlier! Anyway, conograts on the 1/2 pound :)