Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fat Tuesday

I lost a pound!  I am on the right track.  I've been able to wear jeans and capris that are a size down!  I hear my 10s calling my name....I'll be there soon (i'm hoping). 

I think it helps having this Fitness Challenage at work.  Everyone is eating good so it is easy to eat good during lunch.  I try and share my dinner with the baby at home so that helps my portion control there.

My goal:  to hopefully fit in my size 10s again....still double digits...but I would gladly take that one.  I would also like to have a cute swimsuit this year.  I know if I squeezed another hour or two into my day and found time for the treadmill and would really help me get to that goal...but time doesn't allow.

Hope everyone else is doing well on their weight loss goals!

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