Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Your life is about choices.  Choices you make and how you choose to deal with them.  It is easy for most people to let life and things around them get you down.  The reality is you have to work at being happy.  I choose to work.  With all the crazy crap going on....I still have a wonderful husband to come home to, three beautiful children and food on the table.  I choose to be happy.  I will not let you take that away.  I choose to enjoy time with my friends and family.  The show must go on!
I choose to smile at you when really I want to cry.  Why?  Because I am strong and I choose not to let you see me when I'm being weak.
There are to many people in this world that are going through things far worse than most people can imagine.  If you choose to complain about the little things in life that in the end don't mean anything...I choose to ignore you.
I have to say, recently I have been the happiest I've ever been in years.  I'll be damned if anyone changes that.

Happy hump day to everyone!

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