Monday, September 19, 2011

I think I'm funny....

Saturday my mom sent me a text "Send me a picture of my baby".  I walked over to the bed where my youngest was sleeping, planning on taking a photo of him and stopped.  Then I smirked!  I then turned the camera around and sent her this photo:

After all, I AM  her baby not Blake, right?  She found this less then funny and called me a biotch....and then I sent her a pic of my sleeping boy (not this one but another one, I already deleted the photo).

I thought I was pretty funny!


  1. that was very funny! You are her baby.. he is yours.. i would have laughed...

  2. you are just so freaking funny now days. i thought when i said my other baby that you were gonna find a picture of Jamie to send to me. lol

  3. I think it is funny... i laughed. not gonnal lie.