Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fat Tuesday

I lost around half a pound.  Good deal! 

I have attempted the whole "meal planning" thing.  I went shopping on the 18th for dinners for 2 weeks, Monday-Friday meals.  Surprisingly, it is working.  I OFTEN would go to the grocery store and then go again in a day or two and then again and again.  So, I am now saving money on that.  If I could just stop going out to lunch everyday at work that would help alot!

I'm not a crazy meal planner yet...not that they are "crazy" anyways.  I don't have some fancy sheet to plan out my meals and put all the ingredients I need for each meal in a column.  I just use an old fashion notebook for my grocery store shopping.  I bought a week at a time calendar for the fridge from Hobby Lobby and now the whole family knows what is for dinner as well!  So far, everyone seems happy.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

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