Monday, September 12, 2011

I still remember

I still remember that day.  I had gotten to work at the mortgage company and everyone was huddled around the t.v.  I was not ready for what I saw.  The World Trade Center Buildings were burning.  They told me planes had flown right into them.  I was in disbelief.  How could something like this happen?  My husband called me that morning to check on me.  He said alot of the women at his work were freaking out a little so he wanted to make sure I was ok.  At this time we lived RIGHT by the airport.  Planes use to fly so close to the ground over our house we could read the numbers on them.  As we all know, flights were stopped!  When you get so use to hearing the roar of planes day in and day out, it was very eerie to have silence.  I remember seeing all the photos in days to come of all the destruction.

Yesterday someone posted a 9-11 video from on facebook.  I cried!  I've never actually watched the video where the planes flew right into the building.  My heart sank all over again.  So many people lost those they loved.  I couldn't even imagine.

I like to think America has come a long way since that day.  We learned to stand as one and console each other and help one another get strong again.

Never ever forget that day.....ever. 

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  1. I lived right next to DFW airport at the time. The silence was the oddest part for me too.