Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Date Night

My sister and I have talked about doing a double date night with our husbands for YEARS.  Last Saturday, we finally did it!  I was so excited.  I don't get to see my sis very often so to be able to sit and talk to her one on one about things was amazing to say the least.

We went and had an amazing dinner complete with a live band.  We loved the atmosphere.  We were very relaxed and ready to enjoy each others company.

Afterwards, we went to a bar next door and had drinks on the patio.  We were in downtown Houston and the view was amazing.  I really wish I would have had more than just my iphone camera with me.  Mental note: always go to cool new places with camera.  I drank Paradise Martinis.  Never had them before...and they were amazing.  We stayed until 2, got home at 3...alseep by 3:15.  It was so worth it!

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